• Cost: Metal structures are much cheaper compared to wood or masonry structures plus the fact that we do all the design work at no extra charge to the customer.
  • Longevity: Metal structures are unaffected by termites and wood rot, there are no shingles to replace and metal structures are 100% recyclable.
  • Fast Install: The average carport is installed in a couple hours and garages and barns are often installed in a day, depending on size and options. The material is cut to size at the factory in Jackson, Georgia and assembled on your slab or level ground be an experienced crew. Delivery and installation is included in the price and there is no mess for the customer to clean up.

Yes, and you will receive a 10% discount for a delivered kit and a 15% discount if you drive to Jackson, GA and pick it up. Delivered kits are scheduled for delivery at about the same lead time as an installed structure but yard pickups are ready in 48 hours.

No, the slab or level ground is the customer’s responsibility. The same goes for electrical wiring. If you order electric garage door openers the crew will have a generator to test the openers but you must have an outlet installed within reach of the opener’s cord. We are only licensed to install metal buildings.

You can order custom sizes on “Certified” structures. Normal widths are in 2’ increments and lengths are in 5’ increments. If you need an in between size you will be charged for the next largest size. For instance, if you order 19×21 structure, which is an in between size, you will be charged for a 20×21 structure.

Yes, that is no problem at all, you will just be rescheduled. Sometimes it’s good to order when the monthly promotions are appealing, even if you think you will not be ready in time.

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